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2013 BIFF forum aims at understanding world film industry and film program and expanding the supports in film studies. The forum event will open to public to enhance well communication between audiences and session experts.

This year the BIFF Forum typically invites celebrities in film field and academic institutie. The world class director "Jia Zhang-ke" and the director of Film Festival Research Network "Dina Iordanova" and Confucius Institute at Dongseo University are ready to share their expertise and to have enthusiastic talks related to film policies, filming-sites and film & humanities.

Date : October 9th (Wed)~ 11th ( Fri), 2013
Venue : Grand Hotel, "Grand Ballroom" the 2nd floor
BIFF Forum Committee Chairman

Busan International Film Festival "BIFF" has been the unique film festival around the world with images and languages in collaboration and BIFF has been taking continuous efforts to provide a friendly gesture to everyone.

Busan International Film Festival has been becoming the worldwide festival with all film lovers and guests` supports and cheers not only in Korea but also in the world and now we are willing to return their supports through the ready to share great sessions in BIFF Forum 2013.

  • BIFF Forum opens a discussion arena for analyze BIFF its own success and re-display important archive in years.
  • BIFF Forum will share expertise with audience about film programs, film aesthetics, film discourse and various information in film studies by showing friendly viewpoints.
  • The world-class experts, Institutes, and associations in various fields are ready to discuss with audiences and give them world-quality speeches

** BIFF Forum is a free event for everyone who is willing to participate at Busan International Festival.

BIFF Forum Chairman LEE Wangjoo
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